The contract is terminated by two month notice in writing at the end  of a month.

The tenant is entitled to terminate the contract if the lodger:

  • Fail to pay at least one month rent
  • Use the apartment contrary to the contract.
  • Do not obey the rules of  generally respected  law and order or is a nuisance to the other lodgers.
  • Neglect the apartment/ office and its equipment transgressing the average usage.

Additionally the lodger will be charged with:

  • Meter usage of water, sewage,  electricity, central heating and global sum of garbage disposal.
  • The building managing costs 0,55zl /per m2 + VAT
  • Cleanness maintenance global sum 0,60zl /per m2 + VAT


  • The lodger will deposit an equivalent of two month rent to safeguard regular payment or any damage.