About us

Euro – House specialises in rent of its renovated apartments and offices.

We offer to our clients

Apartments in KONSULARNA 1 street:

  • Student apartments – rates 800-900 zl
  • Apartments 2-3 rooms – rates app 1100-1800 zl
  • Luxury apartments (two level apartments as well) – for companies directors and managers
  • Offices fully furnished – rates 30 zl per m2

   The building in Konsularna street used to be a Polish consulate (1931-1939).
Nowadays is fully renovated. Its private car park, night and day electronic supervision, cleanness in and out of the building as well as access to telephone and internet (Netia, TPSA) make a building a perfect location for demanding clients. We are fully charged of the building thus unable us to take over all little inconveniences as far as our rented apartments are concerned like for example helping with small  apartment or office repairs.